Kelly Williamson, a pro triathlete who supports ActiveMSers, took victory by over a minute in this weekend's 3M Half Marathon (nearly 5,000 entries) with a time of 1:14:42. She was 16th overall (men and women). And she set a new personal record by over two minutes! Had to be the ActiveMSers bump.

In the women's race, a pair of pro triathletes finished 1-2. Austin's Kelly Williamson passed up Jess Barton of Amonate, Va., to take first in 1:14:42. Barton, who's been training in Boulder, Colo., was second in 1:15:53, while Austin's Chris Kimbrough took third in 1:16:20.

"I'm ecstatic, because my fastest half marathon time before today was 1:17," said Williamson, who earned $1,500 for her victory Sunday...

Kelly Williamson 1:14:42
Jess Barton 1:15:53
Chris Kimbrough 1:16:20
Sonya Correa 1:19:46
Priscilla Alderete 1:20:57

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