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Adaptive Ski DAY 1: the good, the bad and the...

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  • Adaptive Ski DAY 1: the good, the bad and the...

    Holy cow, my first day on the snow in almost three years was a total blast. But it wasn't all champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

    The Good: The instructors were awesome. I was on a sit bi-ski with skis that articulate with the slope. The instructors tethered me so if I started to careen out of control, they could yank on the tether and wipe me out.

    The Bad: I haven't had an issue with #2 since, oddly enough, going snowboarding in 2009 when I had to drop a deuce in the ski area parking lot. This time I was ready. I was prepared to make a stop at an bathroom before we arrived at the ski area. Maybe the altitude fires things up? Well, the bathroom we stopped out had an icy path leading up to it. Then after investigating, well, we discovered the door was locked. Another deuce in the parking lot, but this time it was empty. Except for the couple of good Samaritans checking up on me, sigh. A minor bump.

    The Ugly: There are all sorts of levels of adaptive ski. The easiest is bi-ski with outriggers (think training wheels) where instructors ski holding on to your contraption. You are just along for the ride. It gets harder when you use your own arms to help balance. Without the training wheels and no instructor holding your seat, biffing is common. Because I was holding my outrigger skis, it torqued my forearm on one fall, giving me a nice bruise.

    Overall: Awesome!

    Gotta pack and hit the sack! Pics and more to come.
    Dave Bexfield

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    U.S. ski team next year? Very cool Dave.