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Adaptive Ski DAY 2: Powder and potatoes

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  • Adaptive Ski DAY 2: Powder and potatoes

    The snow in New Mexico tends to be super light and very dry--no snowballs here. Last Saturday was no exception, which is usually great for skiing. Buuut my adaptive class is from 1-3 in the afternoon. So after a night where it snowed over a dozen inches, by the time I got on the slopes it was all tracked out. The snow was still soft (not mashed potatoes), but moguls had built up on even the greenest of slopes. The result?

    Holy cow, I launched my bi-ski everywhere! This is not a good thing. I was catching a bit too much air, which lead to a number of wipe outs and a touch of frustration. I survived (both forearms are bruised now from the forearm skis) and had fun, but whew it was hard.

    My instructors were incredible as usual. Cyndi was great and Brett, basically a semi-pro racer, was dynamite. I learned a lot ... and learned that I have a ways to go. We'll see if I get to the mono ski--it's harder and my upper body strength and ab strength may not be quite enough to handle it. We'll see. Can't wait for tomorrow!
    Dave Bexfield

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    Sounds like fun!

    Dave- Great job. Your willingness to try anything is inspirational.
    I have been skiing in Vail for the past few days. Not sure if it is age or MS, but I am not sure I will ski again. It is a bunch of work and I don't seem to remember what to do. A lesson didn't help much. I guess I shouldn't have stayed away from skis for 10 years.
    Good luck tomorrow.