I am sure this group is one that deals with challenge a lot.

I have come upon something in my training (for a triathlon... a little one) that is just frustrating the hell out of me. Essentially I am trying to learn how to swim the breast stroke properly (head in the water, with the breathing and all.)) and I am having the worst time of it. It's hard to explain but I just cannot coordinating the breathing. I know what I am doing wrong...I know what to do to make it right. But I just cannot do.

I had to drop out of a beginner swim class (that was not so beginner) because I could not keep up, skill wise. Now I have a private coach who is teaching me using the total immersion method. Well it is going "well" in that I have done well in all the stroke and float drills. But when it comes time to breath... the coordination just gives out completely.

I know that this is a coordination issue and MS related. My attitude it just awful. I try to tell myself "I can do this." and "If I keep trying, it will eventually come." but I don't really buy it right now. And I am sure that is part of the issue of why I can't learn this thing. I have a horrible can't attitude.

So, what do you tell yourself to get over your trip in the whambulance? How do you change your attitude and really accept, "It's harder for you but if you keep trying you will get it? Has anyone else had a mental fit in this way?