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Adaptive Ski DAYS 3 & 4: Progress and pain

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  • Adaptive Ski DAYS 3 & 4: Progress and pain

    I've been so busy lately that I haven't had time to update my adaptive ski experiences from the past few weeks. Alas Day 5 was DOA because a cold caused me to miss it. But Days 3 and 4 went off without a hitch. Well, mostly.

    Day 3
    We went up to the top of the mountain today and pounded the hill for a solid two hours. And pounded my body. My wipe outs were epic, dramatic, and, uh, a little painful. I was so sore that the week off we had for President's Day weekend was pretty much mandatory. But at least it was a good hurt. I really pushed and felt like I made some solid gains.

    Day 4
    We stayed on the lower mountain today. I wanted to fine tune what I had been learning and--with the pain from Day 3 still on my mind--I wanted to play it a bit safer. I still don't feel confident on the steeper slopes and that is bugging the crap out of me. I have to be patient. It's no fun being a beginner again, but it's either that or watch from the ski lodge.

    Day 5
    If I hadn't caught cold, I was going to try snowboarding the beginner slope, standing up. Crud. Maybe for Day 6 (this weekend) if my legs are strong enough (always iffy after a cold). It's the final day of the adaptive season, so I'm already a bit sad, sorta like when your local hill shuts for the season.

    That's the quick update! Sorry it's a bit dry, but I am a bit behind in a number of projects. More to come!
    Dave Bexfield