A fellow active MSer, Sarah, wrote me the other day about her blog on MS, yoga and life. She is a yoga instructor and is all about having a positive attitude. She ends every blog with an uplifting, thoughtful Gatha. Here are a few recent ones.

My path is lovely and deep, like the sunshine. I have a chance to see the sunshine and the dharma–to study it and practice with it. With the sunshine, I enter the world of great understanding.

Resolving to practice moderation, I gently learn to let go of extremes. Moderation is the only way to find true balance and the best way to live fully and with mindful awareness.

Instead of being angry over nuisances, irritations, and frustrations-I will accept such instances with either humor, serenity, or constructive efforts to improve the situation.
Check out her blog here and tell her namaste: