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Tip: Do your Kegels! Yes, those Kegels (correct links)

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  • Tip: Do your Kegels! Yes, those Kegels (correct links)

    (NOTE: Links were broken in the March 2012 newsletter) Dave, are you going there? Absolutely. You know by now no topic is too dicey for me to Ginsu. For those unaware, Kegel exercises may help you control urinary incontinence and other pelvic floor problems--and may even assist in the sack, says the Mayo Clinic. [Note: Mayo does not use the technical term "sack."] In very general terms, Kegels essentially exercise the muscle that you use to stop urine midstream--by the way, don't actually do that, it can trigger a UTI--and they can be done anywhere stealthily. They don't even work up a sweat. It's recommended you do three sets a day of Kegels on an empty bladder (for women, 10 "reps" of hold for 5, release for 5; for men, 10 reps of hold for 3, release for 3). There is a right way to do them and lots of wrong ways, so I'll let the Mayo Clinic take over from here.

    Women click here:
    Men click here:

    While it's not guaranteed to help in MS, it's worth a try and certainly won't hurt. Add it to your daily routine.
    Dave Bexfield