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    Hello - Hopefully no one is getting tired of me posting about my triathlon training.
    So here goes - because my bike is getting modifications ( both brakes pull on right side) and I wear an orthotic on my left leg and would not be able to change a tire on my bike, my doctor thinks I should register as a pc athlete so that I can receive a few accommodations.
    I contacted the ironman people and was told no problem my doctor just had to send a letter stating my disability and I had to send an email listing my requested accommodations.
    I meet with my coach today and went over where my trouble spots might me.
    Does anyone know of a list or guide or something that explains what I might be able to ask for?
    By the way I am not competing as a pc athlete because I don't qualify. Ironman has a very short list of qualify disabilities and ms would not fit. But USA triathlon org has many more categories under which ms fits. So I can get the accommodations but have to race in my age group. I don't really care it is about completion not competition for me.
    Thanks again

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    Hi Jill,

    Don't know the answer to that one. I just compete in age group. If I were you, I would just send a note to WTC listing any assistive devices that you will need to use in order for you to compete. Let them tell you if that requires a special accomodation or if you're good as-is.

    If you need a brace, want to use a special wetsuit, anything like that, be sure to ask.

    Hope this helps!