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Why not spill the beans STAT to readers?!?

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  • Why not spill the beans STAT to readers?!?

    I put this in the newsletter to members....

    I’ve gotten questions about why the slow roll-out, why I’m not spilling the beans STAT to help people immediately. I get it, I do. But if I came out and confidently declared to the police it was Col. Mustard who committed murder in the study with a lead pipe waving a few cards from the board game Clue as “evidence,” they would laugh me out of the station. Likewise, “Because this health blogger named Dave said so” would have the same effect on your neurologist. Conversely, I could have gone the slow, money-making route: hire an agent, reach out to publishers, eventually seal a book deal, and then release Sit Down Before Reading in 2024 in hardback for $24.95. But what I’ve uncovered deserves urgency. That’s why I’m releasing the book nearly as quickly as I’m writing it, for free, to the world. For me to help you, I need to build an ironclad case—one that is irrefutable, one that is shockingly memorable, and one that is so moving that action must be taken. That takes time, research, and details. Thanks for understanding. Also note: I have no sponsors, I accept no advertising, and I don’t take donations. That means I’m in no one’s pocket and am free to tell it exactly like it is and ruffle as many feathers as I need to. And feathers, oh, they are gonna be ruffled.
    Dave Bexfield

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    Dave, you are the author and you can do whatever you want! It's been very interesting so far - keep going!