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    I was wondering if Lyme disease leave lesions like MS does

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    The short answer is, yes, it leaves lesions. However, it doesn't always leave lesions. If you have CNS involvement then it means the Lyme bacteria have crossed the blood brain barrier. I only know this because my husband and I (he is a chiropractor) have been researching Lyme and MS for a few years now. I was bitten by a tick in 2015 and he actually pulled it off of me. I developed a bulls-eye rash. I even reported to my doctor's office but, because I had taken 3 doses of some left-over doxycyline we had in the cupboard when I saw the tick, he dismissed me as "fine".

    As a way of being transparent....I had optic neuritis in 2013 that resolved in 5 days. Hence the complicated, "is it MS or Lyme" diagnosis.

    In 2020 I developed tremors. This lead to a series of doctor's visits, neurology, MRIs, and infectious disease doctor (the neuro sent me to him in case I still had Lyme) ......the story goes on.

    There is a doctor in Germany called Armin Schwarzbach. When my ELISA Lyme test came back negative we sent blood to his lab in Germany. He is considered the world's leading Lyme doctor. My results were ALLLLLL positive. My husband (again, a doctor of chiropractic) spoke with Dr. Scwarzbach a number of times and the consensus was that, YES, Lyme can leave brain lesions. YES, it lingers in the body despite most treatments with antibiotics. YES, it can resurface.

    My husband and I have been questioning this Lyme versus MS diagnosis for a while now. I was extremely happy when Dave wrote about Lyme.

    The biggest problem, outside of the incorrect treatment, is that the standard treatment protocol (DMTs) for MS actually exacerbate Lyme Disease. So, an improper diagnosis can further disease progression and disability from Lyme.

    ETA: I am in Canada. We have ZERO Lyme-literate doctors here. In fact, any doctors who profess to "believe" in Lyme are often cautioned by the College of Physicians and Surgeons. Want to know how bad it is as a doctor, in Canada, to "believe" in long-term or chronic Lyme? Read this:
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