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Document titled simply "Lyme" from my PC from March 2006 (Chapt 10)

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  • Document titled simply "Lyme" from my PC from March 2006 (Chapt 10)

    When I was getting diagnosed 17 years ago with MS, I created a file on my computer, one titled simply “Lyme” dated March 17, 2006. A full 54 pages, culled from dozens of websites, all discussing how easy it is to misdiagnose the tick-borne disease for multiple sclerosis. How negative test results could not be trusted. How CSF banding was in no way definitive. How paying attention to the clinical signs was paramount. How lesions on MRI could deceive.

    There was no specific mention of a high heart rate and only 2/3 of the way down on page 40 were knees ever mentioned. (SAE stands for Serious Adverse Event, my suspected stroke.) I must have skimmed past it. And missed the ominous and foretelling all caps warning.

    Most typically, patients present with SAE, most often combined with polyneuropathy. Brief episodes of arthritis, primarily involving the knees, generally predate the symptoms and may persist after onset of neurological abnormalities. The TRIAD OF SAE, POLYNEUROPATHY, AND ARTHRITIS IS HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS FOR NEUROBORRELIOSIS.
    Here it is, from the deep archives.
    Dave Bexfield

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    Dave, I’m looking forward to hearing about the Lyme Disease specialists you’ve got and their designed protocol for you. The paper says there are hundreds of strains and co-infections from ticks. I didn’t know that it was so diverse for infections. I’ve been in areas in north east with Lyme too, but My Lyme titers were always negative. but I guess that doesn’t mean so much. Unsettling. I hope you are feeling better.


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      Dave, another good read. Thanks!

      About the knees swell as well. It's pretty minor swelling, often not noticeable to the naked eye but I can feel it. However, if I do ANY exercise it becomes quite pronounced. As I have posted on this forum, I downhill ski. Skiing The Rockies both in 2021 and 2022 my knees were HUGE! After 4 days of skiing I literally could not do the "two-leg" up and down the stairs. I had to do the one foot, then the other, on the same step to navigate the stairs. My knees would not bend! When I was first bitten my one knee was very swollen for weeks.

      Lymph nodes - Dave, do you have intermittent lymph nodes swelling? This is also indicative of Lyme. I have this often. And the location of the lymph nodes change as well. Today it might be in the groin. Tomorrow the armpits. It comes and goes and travels.

      Neuroborreliosis - this is a REAL thing! I mean, they actually have a name for it! I am also certain that I have memory loss, brain fog, and word scanning due to Lyme lesions.

      Ankle swelling or other joints - Dave, do you get intermittent swelling of other joints? I do. Lately it's my hip that is killing me. It's darn near impossible to see a swollen hip. But the pain doesn't lie.
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