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Sit Down Before Reading, A Memoir

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  • Sit Down Before Reading, A Memoir

    Sit Down Before Reading is an epic medical memoir unlike any you've ever read. This unbelievable story of stories is unfolding in near real time. That means the conclusion of this tale isn't written yet... because it hasn't happened yet. The story I'm telling will challenge the medical establishment to reexamine life with a debilitating disease, send reverberating shockwaves throughout the disabled community, rewrite the rulebook of healthcare (God willing), and potentially change your entire future. I recommend you buckle up and hang on, it’s going to be one hell of a rip-roaring ride. A new chapter releases every Wednesday here:

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    Dave Bexfield

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    Love your contributions! Makes for very interesting reading!


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      What a chapter! You sure know how to lay it all out in the most creative prose! Keep up the good work.
      Just finished my second round of Virtual Fly-In with the Center for Lyme Action. Got teamed up with one other SD advocate and took on the Congressional reps of SD and MT this year with someone from MT who has one hell-of-a-story of her family's fight with Lyme! A good time was had by all!
      Convinced now that it's the squeaky wheel that gets the grease, I'm gonna squeak like a mother! You know, like the commercial for pasta sauce! Here's to you mom!


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        Hey Dave! Here's hoping that you are making progress in navigating the government and medical community "swamp." We will be looking forward to your next chapter. Your story should be proclaimed from the hilltop. And I mean the "Hill Top." It would be outstanding to have a very able witness tell the story to Congress that millions of us share in Lyme disease. Time to contact my SD reps again!