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Happy Holidays (and an SDBR Update)

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  • Happy Holidays (and an SDBR Update)

    I’ve been meaning to connect with everyone before the end of 2022. The last few months have been everything from rejuvenating to draining to gobsmacking. While our trip to the beaches of California proved to be blissfully brain clearing, Laura and I returned home to a family emergency that is only now starting to dissipate. This crisis temporarily pulled me away from Sit Down Before Reading, which has forced me to delay the release of Part III into January of 2023 (sorry). But this delay comes giftwrapped with unanticipated benefits.

    I have been making significant progress on the audiobook and I hope to have Part I of SDBR released in the coming weeks (I’m already deep into recording Part II). Rest assured it’s going to be every bit of Dave that you have come to expect. During this break, I’ve also published seven challenges to readers to see if they are smarter than the world’s leading researchers. You can still try your hand at solving these conundrums on our main SDBR page ( before they migrate to a new home on the website.

    Now on to the pressing news. The much-anticipated Part III of my memoir is fully mapped out and a healthy chunk is already written. To avoid putting undo stress on my sister Kathryn, the sublime talent behind the website, we need to avoid her first big family vacation with her husband and their three button-cute rugrats (ages 7, 5, and 2), who are off to Cancun in mid-January. That means the first new pages are now scheduled to start dropping January 25, 2023.

    That leads me to the gobsmacking part, and why the official release date of future chapters will remain a bit fuzzy. As unbelievable as this memoir has been to date, my latest research has even me reeling. Despite promising the moon at the conclusion of Chapter 22: Iceberg Right Ahead (, it appears I’ve been underselling it. As this story fully unfurls, it’s going to be even bigger than I ever thought possible. Gulp.

    In closing, Laura and I want to wish everyone Happy Holidays as we prepare to welcome 2023 into our lives… and, for a frighteningly large number of us, kick a certain disease out of our lives. Be active, stay fit, and keep exploring!


    p.s. I keep my promises. I won’t let you down, you can count on it. But promise me one thing in return: that you won’t give up, not now. Hang in there—a calvary of hope is on the horizon.
    Dave Bexfield

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    Merry Christmas, Dave!


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      If anyone can bring out the FUN in dysfunctional, it will be you Dave. I look forward to news that topples the dysfunctional medical narrative of Lyme Disease, which has intentionally mislead so many to being misdiagnosed! Cheers to a rockin' 2023! Happy New Year!