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The last line of Chapter 29

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  • The last line of Chapter 29

    Dave, that was the best, and most informative chapter, yet. I loved the substantiated data you provided. I was most shocked by the repeated 30% failure rates of the various DMTs. I know that "correlation does not equal causation" but some things are just so stark and obvious. Keep up the good work and research! As you know, I am very interested in your fact-finding mission from a very personal, albeit, selfish reason.

    However, I did not like reading the last line of this chapter. I hope you are okay, Dave (well, as well as you can be given your circumstances and this damned disease). My heart did a dip when I read that last line. I am sincerely hoping that it is simply another of your writing prose and not foreshadowing.

    Good and positive thoughts to you, Dave.......

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    Hey Dave,
    How are you doing? I also read that last line and shuddered! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help y'all going forward. You guys have had it rough.
    Great piece of writing, tho. It is surely a tick-ed off life we have here. Being dismissed by every doctor we go to is frustrating at best and infuriating all the time. I had a wild idea of going to the management of the "healthcare" institution to voice my displeasure with the way we have been treated by their doctors. Now I will have to go to my priest for confession - breached the "good thoughts, good words, good deeds" red line in the sand. FUBAR. I hate confession.
    Did I tell you that my wife had 4 bands positive on the Western Blot we took self-pay from "Any Lab Test Now" in Denver? The Infectious Disease Specialist went ballistic when she saw that. "Can't trust those labs." By the way, little lady, it was Quest Labs who processed them, the same organization that gave us our yearly health checkups at The Home Depot. Take that you B****! When she ordered a confirmation test from Mayo, she was "reprimanded" by the Mayo Lab Director for doing a Western Blot with a negative ELISA - NEGATIVE personal letter to him in process now. But that test called 3 bands positive, one that was not on the Quest Test Results. I think 4+1=5. Ok, now 5 bands - that's a positive test! But it can't be positive because our friendly ELISA was negative, as the "CDC Guidelines and Recommendations" guide and recommend. SNAFU. It's a lovely Tricky Ticky Dicky war we've been drafted into my friend. Oops, sorry Richard Nixon. Get us out of this war and I think you should be anointed a Saint.
    Know that you are always in my prayers and thoughts, along with all the other tick-bitten and bitter victims of this battle of ignorance in health care. Letters to my Congressional Delegation in D.C. also in the works. Keep the faith and the faith will keep us. It's pretty much all we have now.
    Another Dave


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      Another Dave,
      I'm inspired and so I wondered if you'd be amenable to sharing your writings to your senators, as it may help me do the same?


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        Becca from Cali,
        Go for it! And may God bless your efforts to help make our reps realize what a huge deal Lyme disease is. I appreciate your comment very much.
        Keep the faith and keep the ball rolling!
        Just Another Dave


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          " Letters to my Congressional Delegation in D.C. also in the works. "
          Another Dave[/QUOTE]

          Would you share/post your "Letters to my Congressional Delegation" for me to copy and revise to send to my Congressional Delegation?