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CHAPTER 36, Part 1: Home Runs

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  • CHAPTER 36, Part 1: Home Runs

    CHAPTER 36, Part 1

    Home Runs

    Everyone knows that antibiotics aren’t supposed to change the trajectory of MS. So what happens when they shockingly do?
    Dave Bexfield

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    Another great read. Thanks, Dave. I hope you are doing well and you are Laura are living life to its fullest.

    How many times did you forget to take the ceftriaxone out of the fridge well before your injection? It's pretty cold going in if you forget!


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      Hey Dave! Good to see your posting! The story keeps getting interestinger and interestinger!
      By way of news, I saw a Pulmonary Specialist concerning a nagging cough and continuous shortness of breath. He put me on Trelegy which has helped immensely but now makes me sound like Clint Eastwood, the Elderly CE. But tests also showed that the right hemisphere of my diaphragm is paralyzed. It will not allow my right lung system to fully inflate. Having told him that I suspected a Chronic Lyme problem in my initial visit, I was totally surprised that he said that Lyme might actually be the cause of that paralysis after all. He acknowledged that a single band positive Western Blot test result is nothing to ignore. Wow. Shocking to hear that coming from a doctor whose practice is in the same place as the "Lyme Denying" Infectious Disease Specialists of Sanford Health!
      The big downside is that my infection probably started at least 45 years ago. And we just treat the symptoms at this point. Ok, what the hell. "It don't mean nothin'." But at least I can breathe a little easier now and sense at least a small bit of positive response to the possibility of Lyme being a major cause. That Counts to me.
      Take care and beat that Bastard Lyme back! The Fly-In is coming around again and we'll push for more money for research! Oorah!