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CHAPTER 36, Part 8: Brian

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  • CHAPTER 36, Part 8: Brian

    There are more than 80 autoimmune diseases. And a frightening symptom—one I personally experienced—suspiciously ripples among most of them. Is it mere coincidence or something more sinister? A pillar of medicine, an entire field of study, unexpectedly sways. Sit Down Before Reading, a memoir of misdiagnosis that unravels medicine’s greatest mysteries, continues with Chapter 36, Part 8: Brian.

    This latest installment of Chapter 36 is the largest yet, and once you start digging in, you'll quickly realize why. We are getting into gut-wrenching, medicine-redefining territory. Before we began on this final journey, I told you I needed to make my discoveries bulletproof—each one supported by overwhelming evidence. That takes time, but your patience will be rewarded in ways you could have never imagined as SDBR's final chapter approaches a rolling boil.
    Dave Bexfield