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Walkaide advice please

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  • Walkaide advice please

    Just hoping someone with experience with the device can give me some pointers, I just received my walkaide from Hangers. We struggle for 2 hours to get it set and the electrodes in the right spots.

    It worked great while there. I stopped at the store and found it was zapping me but not picking up my foot.

    I've adjusted it a bit today and right now seem to have found the right positioning for me. But that zap is kind of sharp and my foot moves only slightly.

    I do not have MS I have nerve damage in my spinal cord that is causing drop foot.

    Thanks in advance I look forward to receiving your replies.


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    Guess no one has anything to say or any good advice. I've been looking for a forum where I could get some insight into using the Walkaide I guess this isn't the one.


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      Walkaide advise

      Not sure if you are still using the Walkaide but I have been using it for the past year and a half. One you gets the placement correct it is a god-send. I did have trouble with the placement at first What I did was, when I found a relatively perfect spot, I actually took a marker and drew on my leg so I could find the spot the next day. After a while you get very familiar with it and it becomes second nature.
      A little water on the pads helps to make a much better connection to the skin. I use the gel that is used for sonograms. I get it from my PT office. I have a small squirt bottle that they gave me and they fill it from a bulk container. A little goes a long way.
      Once the placement is set correctly you should not be experiencing to zapping from being turned up so high.
      Keep the battery fresh. I use rechargeables . I leave the base plugged in and swap the battery once a week.
      My day to day would not be the same without it.
      Hope this helped.