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The Afari—a radical new walking bike

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  • The Afari—a radical new walking bike

    Mobella reached out to me the other day with a cool new walking bike. Appears to offer a ton more support than a standard walker and can handle crazier terrain! -D


    Mobella™ products are designed to help you move forward—wherever you want to go. In 2012, Mobella founder Henry Kaufman was suddenly paralyzed in both arms and legs by Guillain-Barre Syndrome. After fighting to recover at least some of his mobility—and not one to be sidelined from the active and engaged life he was used to living—Henry looked for new ways to do the things he enjoyed.

    Disappointed by the options available, Henry founded Mobella™ and The Afari™. The Afari™ is a stylish yet functional mobility solution that better and more boldly represents the people they're made for! I have attached some more information on Mobella's mission.

    Dave Bexfield

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    Thanks for sharing!

    Mobella is reimagining what mobility products should be--stylish and functional solutions that better and more boldly represent the people they're made for. Meet the Afari. Its stylish and functional design is made to take you outside. With three wheels and an active steering system, you can easily manuever your Afari around corners or through winding trails. All you need to do is get out there and go.

    The Afari is self-propelled and is uniquely designed to transfer weight through its comfortable armrests. This helps promote an upright posture and allows you to move seamlessly with the Afari--no pushing needed. Your Afari will be delivered and personally fitted to you by one of our team members so you can get out there and go. Each Afari comes with the essentials you need to get moving, including a lighweight and durable handlebar bag that's big enough for everyday essentials, as well as a convenient multi-tool that helps you maintain your Afari. Now available in Texas, Michagin and Maine! Visit to learn more and order yours today!
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