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The EMBR Wave: a bracelet that regulates your body's temperature???

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    EMBR experiences? Just read their reviews.

    Been getting FB ads from EMBR recently and revisited the EMBR website. Those users that had <4 stars reviews noted that the cooling action was not up to their needs. Hard for me to tell if any MS'ers had reviewed, but, thought I should weigh in here. Has anyone here tried the thing? I'm tempted, they have a 30 return policy, so I assume I can always send it back...


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      I have had the EMBRWave for several months

      I have found it almost useless in the summer heat. I really only used the cold setting and set it to the extended cooling time. I am a farmer and hoped it would help me stay cool when I am selling at farmers’ Markets. It must be designed to warm people who work in offices with airconditioners that I mean it is an accessory which, if anything, gives a very modest impression of warmth...
      Not worth it. It really is useless. That’s my experience.
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        I tried it, and concur with MSLazarus...really did nothing for me on the cooling side. If one is cold sensitive, I guess it might help, but wasnít at all for me. Weird thing is that while one side does itís little cooling thing, the other side heats up. I took close to the full 30 days to keep giving it a chance but then just returned it. Really wanted it to help. At least customer service was good for getting me a quick and easy refund.
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          The company had this to say on their website, which has since been removed....

          "Embr Wave is not a medical device. ... We have heard from customers that it does not provide symptom relief for people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis."

          And then an ActiveMSer got this e-mail:

          Thanks for reaching out.

          We've had a handful of customers purchase Embr Wave units for MS so far. My impression is that while it doesn't generally help too much with temperature management from MS, it can help people feel less bothered by uncomfortable temperatures.

          Let me know if you have any questions!

          But then I saw these posts on their Facebook page with happy MSers:

          So, it may help, or (probably more likely) not at all....
          Dave Bexfield


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            Itís all about the money

            Their response is bull... I am convinced that, like me, the eternal optimists with MS convinced themselves initially that the device was having a possible impact. Like all of us early adopters of devices that promise to help us in the fight, the early adoption of my embr wave is right there on the shelf next to my Segway and my walkaide. And these latter devices do offer limited help.