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All about the bike now? :)

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  • All about the bike now? :)

    So - I'm here because apparently I have MS. Now, four neurologists have explained this to me (ok, I went a little Woody Allen and got four opinions) and I take a shot even though even after over a year of shots and trying to accept, well - I keep thinking Lovelace Hospital is going to call me and apologize for mixing up my damn MRI's and they'll give me millions so I can buy chocolate for life, and possibly a pink yacht.

    Woke up numb waist down 1/11/11 and diagnosed on 2/28/11. Was training for a marathon and running 50 miles a week and had just run a 1/2 a few weeks before I went numb. Anyway, I'm ok. I'm not running and that's a shame but I teach spin and. . .I got on a road bike in February. To mark one year since my diagnosis I signed up for Bike MS here in NM. 45 mile ride this morning, legs were fine.

    But DEAR GOD. Changing sports has been hell. I'm so awkward (in general) and learning to do this has been formative.

    What else? I have a cool dog, a hot boyfriend who happens to have a dad who has MS (he's on Avonex, I'm on Copaxone) and I'm snarky about it all sometimes. But I laugh at myself, my MS jokes. . .and then I do it anyway. So maybe that's my motto, "Bitch all you want, but get your ass moving."

    I'm paleo/Wahls diet, lift pretty regularly and I'm maybe at about 10 hours cardio a week. It depends.

    Right. So, when does cycling start to feel natural?!? I mean, the clothes are pretty intense and that was weird, all the bright colors and the chamois that adds like, 5 inches to my bum size. I'd be SO open to tips!

    You see. . .I like cycling, it's ok. But I still miss running. Sometimes I wake up thinking I've got the energy for ten miles, wanna head out. . .then remember that my body was replaced by this one, and run it will not.

    The bike keeps me moving, and I'm raising lots if $ for MS Research and that's all I want. I promised myself that as long as I'm in remission I'll move this body to make money for the NMSS.

    Oh, gosh. Can I cuss on here? Because I'm not sure id that's legal or I've already broken the rules.

    Thanks mucho for listening and reading, if anyone does.

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    I went from running to cycling, but the transition was my choice. I wanted to do something my husband could also do and his knees didn't allow running. Maybe it was different because I could still run but just decided to cycle.
    Anyway, It was difficult be acquire the cycling skills. It took me a few falls to master clipping and unclipping. I ended up taking some lessons in turning that really helped. It seems that men acquired these skills as kids, but I sure didn't. I didn't know that turning had nothing to do with the handlebars.
    The clothes- I don't even notice anymore. Everyone is in the same stuff, so we all look weird. I only wear black bottoms and try to find longer ones. I now have a very comfortable saddle and wear somewhat less bulky chamois. It still isn't attractive, but comfort is more important. Now that I am on a tandem with my husband, we alway match- even weirder.
    It is wonderful that you are raising money for MS research.
    The bike seems to be something that works for many who can't exercise otherwise. Many Parkinson's patients can cycle even when they can barely walk.
    Join us over on Bike MS 2012. We are really more about cycling year round.


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      There is a Bike MS section on here? I will look around and see if I can find it!


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        Originally posted by Penguinita View Post
        Right. So, when does cycling start to feel natural?!? I mean, the clothes are pretty intense and that was weird, all the bright colors and the chamois that adds like, 5 inches to my bum size. I'd be SO open to tips!
        I'm going to go out on a limb here and say you're probably already a natural and you'll start to feel like it when you complete your first cycling event.

        And yes, it is all about the bike now. I also loved to run and I still miss it after 12 years, but the bike has been a great replacement and it has done wonders for my MS. There is no end to the challenges you can set for yourself, further, faster, higher, longer, how many days in a row, and that's without even getting competitive. And then there is the wild variety of bike events to get involved in. I suspect you will like it a lot.

        I'll be at the Santa Fe MS ride too. I've been doing a lot of climbing so I'm looking forward to NOT being DFL on the second day hill climb to Truchas this year. I'm feeling so confident right now, I'm even going to do it in my brightly colored, brand spanking new "I Ride with MS" jersey. It's not a large crowd so chances of our crossing paths are pretty good, just look for an old guy in the MS jersey.

        #1 cycling rule, Keep the rubber side down,


        ps: Like the idea of the yacht, not sure about the color though.


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          You have to think of it as a balance beam. When running your upper body would move opposite to the foot moving keeping you balenced. On a bike the balence shifts to arms and head. It's like trying to run with your arms taped to your sides. If you change your focuss to not letting your hips sway back and forth(as in runing) and just push your legs strait up and down you will be sitting uprite in the saddle, hands off the bars at 20 mph in no time, I am sure of it.

          I have to agree with you about the attire. You can compare it to NASCAR, haha. At least since I am in a hand cycle (just recently had to switch, talk about a learning curve) I can get away with just black long athletic pants. As for the jersey check with a local silkcreen shop, you may be able to find a solid color jersey and posibly have something made more to your style and to help with your mission. I am doing something similar with a set of custom cooling vests.

          I would have to say just keep on pedeling, it will feel more natural soon. I am sure you know all about muscle memmory, you will develop that the more you ride.

          Hope this helps.


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            Penguinita, cursing breaks no rules. In fact I find it helps. Here's the BikeMS thread if you haven't found it....


            See you in Santa Fe!
            Dave Bexfield