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Two thirds of MSers not given DMT at diagnosis

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  • Two thirds of MSers not given DMT at diagnosis

    WTH? "Almost two-thirds of people newly diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in the United States, identified through a national database, were not prescribed disease-modifying therapies (DMTs) over an average of more than two years of follow-up, a real-world study of nearly 5,700 patients found." And early treatment is most critical with this disease. I don't get it. -D

    Treatment patterns and comorbid burden of patients newly diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in the United States
    BMC Neurology volume 20, Article number: 296 (2020) Cite this article


    The treatment landscape for multiple sclerosis (MS) is quickly evolving. Understanding real-world treatment patterns of patients is necessary to identifying potential gaps in care.

    Patients with incident MS were identified from a large national claims database during 1/1/2014–6/30/2019. Patients had ≥2 diagnoses for MS or an inpatient hospitalization with a primary diagnosis of MS. Patients were required to have enrollment in the database ≥1 year prior to and ≥ 1 year following their first MS diagnosis. Treatment sequences were captured for all available disease modifying therapies (DMTs) during all available follow-up. Presence of comorbid conditions were captured during the one year prior to and following (and including) the index date; absolute change in prevalence from the pre- to post-index periods was calculated.

    We identified 5691 patients with incident MS. Common comorbidities included physical symptoms (e.g., pain, weakness, fatigue), mental health conditions (anxiety, depression), and cardiovascular/metabolic conditions (hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, obesity). Just 1994 (35.0%) of patients received a DMT at any time during follow-up. Of those receiving a DMT, 28.2% went on to receive a second line of therapy, 5.8% received a third, and just 0.9% went on to a fourth line. Use of more than one DMT concomitantly occurred in just 1.8% of all treated patients. Glatiramer and dimethyl fumarate were by far the most common first-line treatments received accounting for nearly 62% of patients receiving a DMT.

    Approximately two-thirds of patients newly diagnosed with MS did not receive a DMT and the disease is accompanied by a significant comorbid burden.

    Dave Bexfield

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    MS News Today wrote an article on the topic:
    Dave Bexfield


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      I know the thread is a month old, but I just noticed it. I was very fortunate, in that my neurologist had been part of the original Avonex trials, and was a firm believer in it. I was on Avonex within a week of being diagnosed. I really credit that for keeping my MS stable. I was on it for 18 years, though off now as my insurance company decided they didn't want to pay for it anymore.
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