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Dave is my Hero!!!

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  • Dave is my Hero!!!

    Dave is Awesome!!!!!

    I was diagnosed with MS in 2006. At that time I weighed around 190 pounds. Through food management with Weight Watchers and my new addiction to cycling I am now 155. I ride in the National MS Waves to Wine cycling event every year with my team Smyelin' As We Ride.

    In an effort to find like minded active people with MS I stumbled across your website. I am not active in the boards but have been meaning to post. As you can see by the picture I did get one of your handy dandy ActiveMSers t-shirt. This picture is of me on my first ever bike touring evening in Oregon this summer. 4 days, 180 miles, 40 pounds on my bike. If you look at the front of my bike you will find the igloo medical ice chest that you have reviewed on your website. The biggest challenged I faced when preparing for my adventure was how I was going to be able to carry my medication. No one could help; including my neurologist and the folks at Copaxone. Your site was the only resource I could find with a solution. .... So after a long story I just want to say thank you. Thank you for helping me keep my adventurous spirit. Thank you for helping me be brave and continue with activities that I love even though I have MS.

    Today DAVE is my hero.

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    Christina, you crack me up. Very glad to have helped. And I'm stoked you are posting and have lost 35 lbs. That's crazy good!

    It's always nice to meet someone who was diagnosed in my year (Class of '06, "Gettin' our Kicks"). BTW, I've triked all over Oregon, and by all over I mean a small section of Cannon Beach. Hey, at least I'm out there. See you on the trail!
    Dave Bexfield