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First dental appointment since Covid began, and....

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  • First dental appointment since Covid began, and....

    So I had my first dental appointment since December of 2019, and it went, well, hmm. And since I neglected to inform them in advance of my wheelchair usage, my station was a touch too cozy to snug up to the dental seat to transfer. They said they often have done exams with people staying in their wheelchairs. Interesting, and uncomfortable, I imagined. I can't wait to read about another MSers going through that! And then it dawned on me that I COULD BE THAT HERO.

    It went about as well as expected. The occasional neck kink. Drool. The hygienist trying to have a conversation with me even though her hand is in my mouth. But no issues whatsoever with my teeth. But unfortunately I got vertigo two days later!!! Moving my head in ways it wasn't supposed to move may have dislodged those darn crystals in my ear. I reset them with a week of those vertigo exercise, but it was no fun. Next time I'll transfer to the dental chair! You're welcome.
    Dave Bexfield

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    Dave, good self care post! It’s so easy to push all the different appointments off with COVID. I go to dentist every 3 months because I have problems brushing well. I ask for a rolled towel under my lower back and wear safety goggles because the hygienist’s face is so close to my eyes. I also take early morning appointments because the air is cleaner in office in the morning from the air filter. I got no solution for how to talk with someone’s hands in your mouth. I think it’s something they teach at dental school.