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Simple addition to standard walker

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  • Simple addition to standard walker

    See the simple addition to the standard walker? Allows my friend to stand straight and rest his arms like with Canadian crutches. This is a really useful creation.
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    Very clever! Having a well stocked metal shop here on the farm, I've build several items to make my life easier over the last 20 years. Sure makes life easier!
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      Hi GoatHerder,
      the device is used by one of my market customers. Hard to believe that John and I finished another year of farming!
      John took a chance and planted late crops so at the last market…last Saturday…I was selling green beans, sugar snap peas, sweet peppers and sunflowers!
      today a friend came over and helped to put some equipment away for winter. It is a massive job but if we do it right next spring is a lot easier.
      I have had 3 full doses of the Moderna vaccine and I guess I will get a booster in a few months. I think there has been some concern about protection if one is getting I had the third shot a month or more ago. How are you doing? I think I hand dug at least 100 bushels of fingerling potatoes this summer. Crawl and dig, crawl and dig…that’s life!!


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        Hey! I am trying to start a new post but can not find the way!
        so, I wanted to post that I had 2 shots of evusheld yesterday. (One shot in each buttock)
        I feel that I have a protective bubble around me. This drug was granted emergency use status a week or so ago. I have friends who tried hard to contact their MS doctors and centers but, as of now, there is a big shortage. Don’t know how it came to this old farmer in small town but, I got it!
        one reason I was eligible may have been extreme reactions to my 2nd and 3rd vaccination shot.

        if I cannot find a way to post you could start one and I can answer anyone’s questions?!

        i used a different tablet and found I could post through that one!
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