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  • PML-reducing risk

    I'm new to the Tecfidera world and wondered if anyone had advice on how to reduce the risk of PML. Are there things that you can do to know when you are at risk or when you might need to discontinue the meds due to the possibility of PML. I read about the symptoms to watch for, but they are very similar to every day MS symptoms so I think it would be very hard to discriminate between the two.

    I appreciate any information you may have to share. Thanks!

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    PML risk on Tecfidera

    Hi Shandor,

    When I was on Tecfidera I spoke with my neurologist about this. Risk of PML becomes significant if and only if your lymphocyte count goes down and stays that way. My neurologist said everyone has their own line in the sand but that his was 0.7 X10 9/L and that the risk was when your count stayed this low for several months but this is the number he would take me off at. Get your blood work done on schedule and you should not need to worry.

    I hope this helps to make you less worried about it.