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How do you cope with stress?

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  • How do you cope with stress?

    Let's address mental fitness. Stress, even a moderate amount, may have severe consequences to people with multiple sclerosis. I say "may" because this isn't a proven fact in the medical community. But ask any MS expert worth his or her salt, and the consensus is that stress should be avoided, as it can trigger relapses and intensify symptoms.

    (I learned that lesson at the last horror movie I saw in the theaters, when my eyesight went wiggy, arm went numb, hearing went wacky, and my leg fell asleep. I don't do many horror movies these days.)

    I've heard from many fellow MSers (and a few experts) that meditation is a great stress reliever. Knowing as much about meditation as I know about nuclear physics, I found this Dummies book on Amazon that sounds like a good resource:

    While I'm generally a pretty mellow guy, the economy lately has tied the tummy into knots. I might give this a go. How do others cut down on stress?
    Dave Bexfield

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    I meditate (when I get a quiet moment away from my one year old) or I take a warm bath with bubbles and a good book (hot is better to relax but not good for my legs if I want to walk after!). But even if I get 5 minutes to just sit by myself it helps.


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      i feed my body with good food, and my mind with good info and thoughts...

      i make efforts to create, imagine, build, be involved, appreciate life, etc...

      i especially find my religion is a stress reliever... my faith, and exercising my faith.

      a minute by minute or day by day choosing well, helps reach our optimum. ...sometimes it's choosing to take the stairs, or choosing to wash the floor. i try to accumulate as many good choices as possible

      during stressful times, i know i've done my best, whatever level of best that happens to be at the time