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Does exercise help MSers with nighttime peeing?? Study says yes

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  • Does exercise help MSers with nighttime peeing?? Study says yes

    The full study is free, but it's all in Spanish. -D

    2020, Number 08

    Revista Médica Sinergia 2020; 5 (08)
    The role of physical exercise in the nocturia of multiple sclerosis patients

    Dawley SK, Rojas SC, Suárez SS
    Language: Español
    References: 29
    Page: 1-11
    PDF size: 158.12 Kb.

    Key words:

    multiple sclerosis, nocturia, physical, central nervous system.


    Multiple sclerosis is the most prevalent, chronic, inflammatory and neurodegenerative disease of the central nervous system; that develops demyelinating lesions. The deficit of the lower urinary tract in patients with multiple sclerosis, occurs when the spinal cord is directly affected; and the nocturia is one of the most important urinary symptoms of these patients. Physical activity and exercise are two potential non-pharmacologic treatments that modulate the clinical manifestations and the progression of multiple sclerosis. Physical exercise is a fundamental element of the therapeutic strategy in multiple sclerosis patients. It has been reported a decrease in the voiding nocturnal episodes in the patients that implement a physical exercise routine.
    Dave Bexfield