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  • Not building endurance

    Dx'd with MS 3 years ago, I try to stay active to maintain my mobility. Challenging myself to do at least one 5k a month in 2015, I've completed 15 so far. This has not been a pleasant undertaking for me. Usually I just have intense burning, cramping in my calves and feet during an event. I've tried compression, topical creams, stretching, pain meds. Nothing works. I don't know why I am doing this! Haha. Anyway, at a recent event my one leg suddenly went painfully numb, like it was "asleep" halfway through and lasted until I completed the course. Then again, last week during an event the same sensation began on the same side but just in the foot. It did not extend up the leg as before. Has that happened to anyone else? I thought this would get easier as I go, but it appears to be getting more difficult instead. I do not want to plan anything for 2016 if it is going to be this unpleasant...Can anyone share similar experience and how you may have resolved it? Thank you!!

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    I am sorry to say I have no advice. I wanted to welcome you to the group. I am a endurance runner and can understand your frustration. My problem is with my vision and balance. I have drop foot that I wear an AFO. I also have a issue with the nerves in the bottom of the foot with the AFO I have to stop and massage it during my races. It feels like my toe is breaking off.


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      Ellie, that sounds awful!
      I myself am afraid to stop during a race for fear my legs would not let me get started again. haha!


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        Hey Kelly, have you tried gulping down a good dose of electrolytes 20 to 30 minutes before your runs? I've noticed that when I'm riding on the edge of cramps, electrolytes help. They don't take it away completely but they do keep me from totally cramping up. You also might consider doing a little less running for a while now and then, see if there is any difference when you start back up.

        FYI, it was a good 3 to 4 years after my dx before I even began to get more comfortable on a bike.

        Welcome to the group!


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          Thank you AMFADVENTURES!! I will give that a try Friday night! It is only a two mile event, but I noticed just a brisk walk a few blocks to my grand daughter's tap class on Monday brought the symptoms right on. I will incorporate electrolytes into my water portions and see what happens.


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            It isn't really that bad. I think I am getting used to it. I only had to stop maybe 4 times in my marathon. I was thinking electrolytes as well. I have only gotten cramps once when riding a long ride but I took a salt packet when I started cramping and it went away right away. I know it is not the same but it might help. Good luck on Friday night. What is your training plan? Also have you talked to your Neuro? Are the symptoms only when you run? My foot drop is only when I run.
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              Are you getting too hot? If the symptoms are happening just during the event and then calm down after running then maybe it's a heat issue. I have similar problems. Some are related to heat and some are from the stress of the running. I get really stiff in my legs, sometimes have numbness, and sometimes get dizziness or visual disturbances. I figure it's all a part of trying to run with a neurological disease. You have to decide out how much you can take and if you are putting yourself at risk for injury.


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                What is your footwear situation like?

                Personally I found the shoes I had been using for 3+ years of MS suddenly became uncomfortable. My calves and bottom of my feet burned and the sides of my feet cramped and felt painful.

                Oddly enough switching to a shoe with less support (still a neutral shoe not one of those free running shoes!) has helped a lot.

                Might be worth taking a look at your footwear and seeing if that can help.

                I also need to replace my shoes way sooner then normal, but I wear them out in weird places!


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                  Hi there and welcome,

                  I agree with heat and cooling. Pre-cooling, ice drinks (maybe freeze electrolytes), wear an ice vest, neck tie (you'll find discounts on this site) could all be tried. Sounds like amazing training and competition.

                  Good luck,

                  Teena Marie