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  • Ampyra

    Anyone have any experience with this med, and will it help with sports/exercise?

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    Hey GS, I did try Ampyra, it didn't work for me, but I know others who swear by it. Give it a shot. I don't know about the side effects.


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      Yes, it work for me and I was taking Ampyra 5 years ago and switch to aminopyridine that work the same but much cheaper. No side effects. Good luck.


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        So how did you find it worked? Were you more coordinated, more muscular endurance?


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          I use Ampyra and have been on it for close to 5 years. I find it helps with messaging from thinking to action.

          No side effects.

          I am sure it helps with exercise. Endurance ,maybe. But, it remains, as with many things, quite individualistic.

          Good luck.

          Teena Marie


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            Actually, I first saw an improvement riding my bike like a one mile on hour faster witch is a lot when Your average is only 9! My walking was not that bad 5 years ago so I couldn’t tell but now I if I miss a dose I can tell. I guess one day I should try to stop longer to be sure but I am scare to jinx it! Give it a try.


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              I have been taking ampyra for about 5years

              Interesting question. I can tell if I miss a dose because I immediately have trouble walking. When I started ampyra I thought it was not helping as I expected to see improvement right away. ( I know...that was dumb).

              After 6 months I realized that my walking had been slowly improving. It still is working for me.

              On another note, when I went to reorder this month I was told that my copay had doubled. No one at Caremark Specialty pharmacy could give me an answer as to why. Spent 4 hours on phone and still got no answer. But then a person from Caremark called to tell me that the increased copay was because there was now a generic version of Ampyra. If I switched to the generic brand my copay would be only $10 a month. The generic is made by Mylan labs. I went online and read all about the legal fights that had been fought between arrorda and Mylan. Have been taking this generic form for several days now with no problem.