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STUDY: The effect of core stability training on balance and mobility in MS

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  • STUDY: The effect of core stability training on balance and mobility in MS

    Strengthening the core is indeed a good thing according to this one study. - Dave

    The effect of core stability training on balance and mobility in ambulant individuals with multiple sclerosis: a multi-centre series of single case studies.

    Freeman J, Gear M, Pauli A, Cowan P, Finnigan C, Hunter H, Mobberley C, Nock A, Sims R, Thain J.

    Faculty of Health, Plymouth Uni., Devon /Institute of Neurology, Department of Clinical Neurology (Neurorehabilitation), London, UK.

    Background: Core stability training is popular in the management of people with multiple sclerosis (MS); however, scientific evidence to support its effectiveness is scarce.Objective: To explore the effectiveness of core stability training on balance and mobility.Method: A multi-centre series of eight single case studies was undertaken. Eight ambulant individuals with stable MS participated in 16 face-to-face core stability training sessions, delivered by a neurophysiotherapist, plus a daily home exercise programme. A range of outcomes were measured: 10-m timed walk, 12-item MS walking scale, timed get up and go, functional reach tests, timed single leg stance, visual analogue scales of two activities, and the Activities-specific Balance Confidence Scale.Results: Visual analysis of trend, level and slope demonstrated improvement in five subjects
    (62%) in seven measures. This was confirmed by the two standard deviation band method of analysis for six measures. Analysis of group data (repeated measures within subjects analysis of variance) indicated significant improvement between baseline and intervention phases for timed walk (p = 0.019), MSWS-12 Scale (p = 0.041), forward (p = 0.015) and lateral reach (p = 0.012). In general, no further improvements were made following withdrawal of the intervention.Conclusions: This study provides preliminary evidence of the effectiveness of an 8-week core stability training programme in improving balance and mobility in ambulant people with MS. Variations in response to intervention are evident. Assessor-blinded randomized controlled studies are required to confirm these findings and determine patient characteristics which identify those who benefit most from this intervention.
    Dave Bexfield