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MSers in Training 2020

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    Veronica, love the latest update and the pics! Gorgeous. And your update, Larry! As for me and my trike, it has arrived! Yesterday I took it out for its maiden voyage. I'll have more on the experience later (on deadline with other projects), but it was crazy fun. And fast. On the LOWEST boost setting I was as fast as Laura. I was a little worried the speed would mean it would be harder to get into the cardio zone, but I crested 150 bpm, no prob. And on that quick ride I hit 10 miles lickety split, so I see far longer rides in my near future. The trike is pretty trick, so there's lots more to discover.

    Another bonus: being a little higher than my other trike means it's easier to get on and off. So far, aces. Pics to come...
    Dave Bexfield


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      Gorgeous area to ride in Veronica, super pics. Glad you've been able to get out.

      Action pics Dave!

      Got my birthday ride in, 70 miles plus one for luck! Most of it was on a paved over railroad track with a little climb at the end. I can see more of those old railroad trails in my future.



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        Happy b-day, Larry! Hard to believe I knew you when you were a pup in your 50s. As for action pics, the trike is still a work in progress and is getting tweaks back in Colorado. There were a few issues that couldn't have been foreseen without a test drive. So I am temporarily back on my regular handcycle, cranking away 3 days a week. With the virus accelerating again here in NM, we are being extra careful and avoiding trails for the most part.

        Also just finished filming a video on the importance of MS and exercise. Should be coming out next month! If it goes as well as I thought it did, it should be pretty trick.

        As for others exercising, is the pandemic making it harder or easier to get motivated to exercise? Curious...
        Dave Bexfield


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          Full lock-down other than essential services here in Winterpeg, winter is here so biking is out, gyms/pools are closed, so one saving grace that horse care is considered essential so I am still able to get in some pony time, masks worn in the stables but not while riding.

          I have actually pulled out, dusted off my old Wii game console and having some fun with the Wii Fit Plus and games to get off the couch lol

          My job in agri-food logistics is considered essential so I am still going to the office for work, albeit masks mandatory in common areas at work and we are working split shifts in order to reduce capacity in the office.

          Bizzare to say the least.

          We have been using a meal kit delivery service (they deliver a meal kit with all ingredients and recipe) to the door, so we poor a glass of wine each,, divide up the recipe tasks and have fun trying new recipes every week. Lots of extra time to cook now! Ha!

          Callenge life before life challenges you - from inside collar of my "Bike Off More Than You Chew" bike jersey