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YES, physical therapy makes a difference says study

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  • YES, physical therapy makes a difference says study

    From poster session at ACTRIMS 2020. Herb is a contributor here! -D

    Physical Telerehabilitation Ameliorates Impact Of Multiple Sclerosis In A Randomized Control Trial

    J. Finkelstein, I. Jeong, H. Karpatkin

    Background: Multiple sclerosis (MS) may result in significant physical and psychological symptoms. Physical telerehabilitation (PT) was shown to have potential in ameliorating MS symptoms however its impact in patients with MS (PwMS) with severe mobility impairment was not systematically studied.

    Objectives: To evaluate impact of 3-month PT in PwMS with severe mobility impairment.

    Methods: PwMS with EDSS between 5.5 and 7.5 were randomly assigned to telerehabilitation (T) and usual care groups (U). PwMS in both groups were evaluated by a physical therapist and prescribed an individualized multipronged program for home exercise. In the T group patients were guided at home by a web-based telerehabilitation system in following their exercise program. In the U group patients were receiving periodic MS newsletters. The main outcome was change in physical (PHY) and psychological (PSY) scales of MS Impact Factor (MSIS).

    Results: MSIS was assessed in the T (N=28, female: 78.6%, white: 60.7%) and U (N=14, female: 60%, white: 53.3%) groups. At the baseline, PHY was 62.211.9% and 55.621.5%, and PSY was 38.124.0% and 37.325.6%, in U and T groups respectively. After three months of participation in the trial, PHY reduced to 59.118.3% and 46.524.4%, and PSY reduced to 32.619.6% and 32.924.6%, respectively in U and T groups. Based on a paired t-test PHY change in the T group was statistically significant (t = 2.1, p = 0.04).

    Conclusions: PT Ameliorates Impact of MS.
    Dave Bexfield