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  • MSers In Training 2011

    I thought Teresa had a good idea in opening up the Bike MS thread to other sports, sorry if the title is a little lame but I never was very creative. Good luck Teresa and please let us know how youíre doing. Hope other sports enthusiasts will join us here too. For those of us who, like Marina, are considering an MS bike event, itís not too early to get started.

    Marina, I was following a very similar program, yoga for flexability and core, and ellipticals for cardio. I recently added some light weight work and a little more intensive core work and currently am shifting from the ellipticals to the stationary bike. Iíll try to get 4 hours of bike work in this week and get to 8 hours/wk by the end of February (when hopefully the weather will turn).

    I really canít tell you which route option to shoot for but I will say that if you follow some type of training schedule itís very likely that you will be able to accomplish a LOT more than you ever thought possible. These guys still have an MS150 training schedule available on their web site
    If youíre shooting for less than 150 miles, cut back on the number of hours each day to whatever you're comfortable with. Try to increase your hours in subsequent weeks and above all, make sure to adhere to the rest weeks, they are critical.

    The journey is The Adventure,


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    Off to a rough start

    Only got 3 hours on the bike last week. Noticed a tiny bug bite on my forehead Sunday. By Tuesday my whole face was swollen up and the bite was the size of a bloody quarter. Hit the Doc in a Box (my local urgent care center) on Wednesday and walked out with antibiotics and a STEROID pack. ďSpider biteĒ the Doc said. I havenít ever taken steroids for the MS, but now I am on a course for the spider bite.

    Started feeling better almost right away but fought off the urge to sign up for Major League Baseball spring training and just looked for a couple more bike rides to get into. I'm sure things will work out OK if only I can catch up on my training.

    Like Dave Bexfield, I also got an MS 150 invitation from Illinois. Still havenít received my Colorado MS 150 invite though. Hope it comes soon, I need the motivation.



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      Thanks for starting the thread.

      I've actually been sick this last week. I was worried about being healthy for next week's marathon, so I went to the doctor yesterday. Normally, I wouldn't go for something like this. When I explained that I had a marathon in a week, the doc prescibed all kinds of drugs.

      Actually, I got a good laugh from him when I said that I don't normally get sick. I am a teacher and have MS. That means I am exposed to every germ known to mankind and have an overactive immune system. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it. He laughed and admitted that I was probably right.

      The important part was that he said it would be ok to run, so I am....12 miles today will be my last long run.

      I'm starting to obsess about the weather.


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        Thanks for starting the thread, I appreciate your input.

        I went ahead and registered for the ride this weekend (along with my husband who will be riding with me). At this point its too cold for me to be out on the bike (I know lots of people ride in the winter, but its way too uncomfortable for me), so I am going for some work on my endurance, which isn't great at all.

        I figure I can get back on the bike in March, and hopefully be more fit by then.

        I went ahead and registered for the longer route (their website says 60, but then said 55 when I registered) as I was told I could switch to a lower mileage if needed the days leading up to the event or even the day of.

        Now the fund raising, I am inclined to just pay the minimum myself, but that's likely not the spirit the event is meant in!


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          Marina, welcome to the ride! May you find the adventure enjoyable and the health benefits worthy of your efforts. Itís going to be fun.

          Theresa, I understand ďobsessing about the weatherĒ all too well, itís always a wild card. Hope it turns in your favor and good luck on the run. Iíll be anxious to hear about it.

          And speaking of weather, weíre in single digits here with 10Ē of snow on the ground. Spent most of my workout time over the last couple of days shoveling, I think thatíll cover my weight training, core work and cardio for the first part of the week, still need to get on the bike though.



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            AMF... a question about indoor training before I get out on the bike in the spring.... is it better to do the stationary bike? I haven't used one in years but have easy access to the community gym with some nice new ones. I'm not sure if that is the best thing to do... your opinion is more than welcome


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              Hey Marina,

              Biking stresses different muscle groups than walking or ellipticals so yes, I'd say it would be a good idea to start putting in a little time on the trainer. However much time you're comfortable with 3 times a week might be ideal but anything you can manage should help come spring. Equally as important is upper body and core strength, you'll have to keep yourself propped up on those handle bars for several hours you know. Your yoga might take care of most of that, especially if you use hand weights in any of your sessions.

              Just don't knock yourself out trying to do too much, this is supposed to be reasonably enjoyable, we don't want to make it a grind.

              When is your ride anyway?



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                Yeah, I love this thread. I'm going through a little bit of a hard time right now but I'm on my way to training in February. I have signed up for the ride in Dallas and am looking forward to getting stronger and this year - this year - I will get up those darn hills! It's my year, I can feel it.

                Looking forward to everyone's posts.

                Take care



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                  Thanks AMF

                  The ride is on June 11th, so I've got time. I would like to be in reasonably good shape when it finally warms up though... the indoor bike has always been my arch nemesis so we will see!


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                    I have 2 more runs before Sunday's marathon...a six miler tonight and a 5 miler tomorrow.

                    I think I am ready...The weather keeps fluctuating between showers and cloudy. Temperatures are supposed to be in the 40's and 50's.

                    I am aiming for 4:59:59 or better. It will be close though, based on my current fitness. I'll be thrilled no matter what.


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                      Good luck Teresa, I hope the weather holds out for you


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                        Registration for the Colorado MS 150 is open. It appears to be the same gorgeous route as last year. Perfect!

                        Last year some 40-something young stud cajoled my buddy into doing the second day century. Iíd heard rumors of some really nasty hills on that course so I declined but my buddy took up the challenge. Nasty hills there were, like a 19%er and a couple of 12%ers. Well, the young stud ran off and left my buddy early on. Apparently he hammered up that 19% grade and the next 12% hill. But at the last 12%er, my buddy who had ridden the big hills more reasonably, caught up to him and rode past while the young guy was walking his bike. They didnít meet back up until the lunch stop. The young guy was totally fried, he had completely wasted himself on that 19% grade, but he was young and fit and he did manage to get to the finish although not comfortably. My buddy on the other hand, found a group of struggling team members and pulled the last 35 miles for them. Iím thinking Iíll try the century route this year. I might walk the 19% hill but I think I can get up the 12%ers and I think Iíll get to the finish reasonably comfortably, thatís my goal anyway.

                        Iím also thinking of doing another 150 this year, maybe New Mexico, it looks like a neat ride.

                        On the training front, last weeks effort was abysmal, we wonít even go there, weíll just try to crank it up next week.

                        Good luck Teresa, Iíve been watching the weather forcast, looks like it could get a bit damp. Iíll be pulling for you tomorrow.



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                          Thanks guys,
                          I'm about to head up to Redding. I still have a lingering cough, so I am not sure how I'll run tomorrow. We'll see.

                          AMF--I've seen the same thing in marathoning. It's called proper pacing. I've seen many jump out too quickly only to be reeled in by me in the later miles. It's called patience.

                          "Tortoise and the Hare", baby..."Tortoise and the Hare".


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                            Well, it wasn't my best, nor my worst. I went out way too fast and slowed considerably. I finished with a 5:20. I am a little bummed, but any day I run is a good day.

                            The weather was great.


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                              Wooohooo for finishing, that is fantastic Teresa