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  • Great day

    I went for what I thought was a quick requalifaction shoot for my CCW permit. The teacher is a freind of my wife (she is a retired police officer). What I experianced was a awsome refresher course on basic pistol craft. I had a great day of shooting. relearned some very important skills, shot pretty well and moved like M.S. was'nt kickin my butt. I will sleep well tonight.

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    That's cool Paul. Gotta say shooting isn't something I've done since my diagnosis, my left hand is much weaker now and I shoot left handed. Hopefully I'll be able to build up some strength and go back to the range someday. What do you shoot? Good job beating MS.
    Rob Davidson
    Active With MS


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      Rob, I shoot mostly Sig Sauers but I am switching to Glocks soon. The double action triger pulls are very hard on my hands (also getting weak). I love training with handguns and shotguns. I have taken a few classes. Mostly tactical stuff. This teacher was fantastic. My wife and I are going to take an advanced class from him. She will out shoot me by a mile.