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CHAPTER 36, Part 4: The Goldilocks Zone

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  • CHAPTER 36, Part 4: The Goldilocks Zone

    Chapter 36, Part 4: The Goldilocks Zone

    If the devil is in the details, we take the deepest of dives into potential diagnostic markers that just might be able to separate Lyme disease from multiple sclerosis and other similar conditions. Sit Down Before Reading, a memoir of misdiagnosis that unravels medicine’s greatest mysteries, continues with Chapter 36, Part 4: The Goldilocks Zone.

    This next installment comes with a warning: it's a challenging read. That's because, apologies, Part 4: The Goldilocks Zone gets seriously technical, but as this memoir progresses, it will all eventually make sense, trust me. So don't overanalyze or rush to find potential markers of Lyme disease in your medical records. Instead, I recommend using this and the next installment as a time to catch your breath before the mind-blowing, hand-wringing heavy stuff.
    Dave Bexfield

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    Another great read, Dave. Of course, as I was reading your words I had to stop, go find my labs for spinal tap and my blood work pre-spinal tap, and look at those albumin and nucleated cell counts. Alas, mine were not off the charts -elevated but still within "normal". However, as you know, a mere 4 months previous to my spinal tap I was treated with ceftriaxone. Now I wish I had that spinal tap before the ceftriaxone.

    Dave, I was ever so happy (so happy that I actually stopped, clapped and did an air "hooray") to read that you did, indeed, get those 50 days of ceftriaxone. I just KNOW that it's going to work. At the very least, it will aid in improvement.

    I went back and looked at the doctor's report from the infectious disease doc after my ceftriaxone treatment and some words struck me that I had forgotten about, "....3 weeks of ceftriaxone should have cleared the infection, although she might be left with deficits". Deficits? Reading that reminded me of something someone I regard highly said about Lyme maybe evolving into MS when left untreated long enough. who could that have been? Oh, well, it's our very own Dave Bexfield!
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      That was some story from some deep research. With all this information, my concern is that research will end up being so concentrated on certain particular areas of study that, in the end, they will all be illuminating but also rather unactionable. Who will put all the details together to make a complete "jigsaw puzzle" from all the particular data? Will treatments focus on such specific results as to be almost meaningless unless one is part of such a unique group? And then there's the politics of Lyme. It's always in the politics - especially with the entrenched elite of our medical hierarchy with years of "tradition" to fall back on, and I do mean "FALL BACK!"
      Keep up the good work, Dave! You keep finding nails to hit on the head and you present them with grace and dignity! You are one "wascally wabbit!"