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  • Foot drop devices

    I am starting to research foot drop aides, specifically Ness L 300. Has anyone out there used one of these devices and what were your thoughts.


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    Hello, I looked at the Ness but chose the Walkaid (WA) instead. If you're interested the advantages for me were:

    1. WA only required a single AA battery to operate. I already had enough devices to charge every night! And it's easy to carry a spare battery.

    2. WA does not require the heel sensor so I could use it while barefoot.

    3. Price - WA was cheaper. And after reading a number of reviews I noticed a pattern of complaints around the Ness requiring costly proprietary battery replacements. Although that was 4 years ago. Might not be an issue anymore. And it turned out in the end that FES devices were covered by health insurance

    Either way without the WA I would not be able to walk so no regrets.

    Good luck!

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      PT folks are looking at foot drop braces for me so far they found hard plastic, a boot type thing and very expensive custom molded brace.

      What is a foot drop that needs batteries? All of this is new to me..



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        Hey Terry,

        They work like this

        I tried the plastic brace, quite uncomfortable


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          foot drop brace

          I use an ossur foot-up. It's light and easy to move with. I even run with it on. My PT gave me one for $50, but you can get them on amazon as well.

          I do not fall nearly as often now. The falls that I have had were while I wasn't wearing it.