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    Tanya - 52.5 miles WOW. That's a long way! Before I started this madness, I didn't DRIVE 50 miles in a weekend. LOL!

    Besides hills, my other problem is my hiney starts to really hurt after hour 3-4 depending on the hill situation. I always feel like I could go further but I just can't sit on that seat any longer.

    Picked up my packet, I'm excited and nervous. I haven't been on my bike all week. I'm trying to rest up for the weekend but I can see that might not be the best idea. I can't get stronger if I'm not doing anything. Good news though, my balance seems to be a bit better, I'm sleeping like the dead and I have lots of energy. So maybe I am stronger for doing nothing?????

    Tanya, if you can do 52.5 miles than you can do 75, I would think. No sweat - you got this!

    I'd like to know about what everyone eats. I don't know if it's nerves or the hour of the morning (early) or what but I can barely get down a banana before a long ride - I'm nauseous. I can handle a little gu during the ride. I'm pretty good with drinking a lot of water but food - ick. Can't eat much for the rest of the day - dinner is usually some chicken and brown rice. Next day I'm worse. I tried some peanut butter filled pretzels (love those) and my throat was so dry I almost choked. It's from riding with my mouth open, gasping for air, I guess. LOL

    Ya'll have a great day, it's pretty nice here, might go for a ride after work.



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      3/10/10 Training Log

      Got 13 hrs. in for the week. 1 hr indoors on the trainer, 12 outdoors on the bike. Here's the blow by blow:
      Sun - off
      Mon - 5:30 total time and 4:50 saddle time for 58 mi., included a lot of hills, strong winds and so many wrong turns I had to relieve my buddy of the lead, the best ride of the season so far.
      Tues - 1 hr on a trainer
      Wed - 3" of snow, should have but didn't ride
      Thurs - 3:30 saddle time, 45 mi., some hills
      Fri - Should have but didn't ride, nothing went right all day.
      Sat - 3:45 saddle time for 48 mi, 3000 ft. of ascent!!! Felt great afterwards.

      My schedule had me riding 6 days this week but I only managed 4, one more week until a rest week, my butt can't wait!!

      Jenn, unless you're exceptionally tired the next day, you're probably eating alright. I've only got 4 lbs. left to loose so am eating lotsa pasta, apples, bananas, granola, fig newtons and more.

      Pell, Tour de Tucson with DD was a kick, best part of the ride... rest stop attendents met bikers on the road with plates of food and pitchers of water, they took care of everything and sent bikers on thier way without even dismounting!!! (bathroom breaks excepted)

      Tanya, looks like you're almost ready, stay healthy.

      Be safe everybody,


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        What an interesting week. My rides leading up to my goal of 75 miles today were:
        Sunday: 16 miles
        Tuesday: 45 min spin class
        Wednesday: Off
        Thursday: schedule crowded out cycling
        Friday: 15 miles
        The weather forcast all week for today was sunny and beautiful. When I started driving to the ride, that was true. When I got to Katy (where the ride is located), it was already spitting. For the first 15-20 miles it alternated between spitting, raining, and pouring. Everyone got thoroughly soaked. Because of lightning and unsafe road conditions, they closed the two longest routes. The next longest was 46.
        The second half of the ride was beautful and sunny. We headed into some pretty strong headwinds for most of it. All in all, it was a great ride. I learned that I can ride in the rain, and I learned to apply sunscreen once it's sunny. (You
        would think a 34 year old redhead would already know that.)
        3 weeks until the MS 150. Jenn, maybe we could ride together some. :-)


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          Your opinion if you would

          Hey guys,
          Was wondering how many riders your respective events will have? Mine is limited to 3200 max. (some short sighted state legislator).

          Tanya, made me smile with your rain adventure. I got into one of those in the Dallas area once, rain so heavy I wondered if I would be able to breathe, I could of course, but it sure was a memorable outing.

          This is my plea for funds. I wanted to run it by you guys before I send a bunch of them out in case you see something that might be improved, appreciate your thoughts if any. (I am not public about my condition)

          Dear Friends,

          Multiple Sclerosis is a chronic autoimmune disorder, in which the body attacks and destroys the myelin sheath that insulates and protects nerve fibers of the central nervous system (the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves). Demyelination disrupts the conduction of electrical impulses along nerve fibers, and results in regional neural deficits. MS symptoms range from tingling and numbness in limbs, to loss of vision and paralysis.

          It is estimated that MS affects 400,000 people in the US and approximately 2.5 million worldwide.

          Because I am involved with many wonderful people who suffer from this disorder, I am asking you to help me fight this debilitating disease by sponsoring me in the 25th annual 2010 MS 150 Bike Ride. All funds go to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society to help sufferers cope with this disease and to fund the research to find a cure.

          You can sponsor me directly with a credit card via the following link:

          Or you can make out a check payable to National Multiple Sclerosis Society and mail it to me at:

          name and address

          Thank you for your consideration,


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            Wow sounds like everyone is doing so well. I, however, have hit some sort of wall. I guess, I don't know. I'm having (since we're all friends here) bathroom issues. I've started taking Lodine for a heel spur (it's always something) and I think it's screwing up my stomach. We did 61.5 miles on Saturday, I was tired afterwards but it's 61.5 miles! So Sunday morning comes and I just couldn't do it. More bathroom issues and the thought of walking up another hill I couldn't climb, shut me down. I did 7 miles and went home and slept 4.5 hours. Went to bed by 9:30 and I'm feeling better today but .... anyway, whine, whine, whine - it wasn't my best effort.

            Tanya, sounds like your doing great and I'd love to ride with you, we're heading to Celina to do 3 loops (25 miles each) on Sat., not sure what we're doing on Sun. Let me know if you would like to meet up. My mentor is great and very helpful. If you don't mind waiting for me, of course.

            AMF your plea sounds great. Most of the people I work with don't like doing the internet thing so adding your name and address is an excellent idea.

            Have a great day!



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              AMF- I agree with Susannah, the more personal you can make your message, the stronger it is. Even though you aren't public about having MS, you can still talk about what you are putting into the effort to ride the MS150. You have made a personal commitment to do this ride and have made significant sacrifices to do that. It is easier to make a contribution to someone who is very dedicated to their cause.

              On the training front, slow progress. I have severe hip pain (?piriformis syndrome) since a fall several weeks ago in which my tailbone and a concrete curb met. While it doesn't hurt to ride, it is worse after the ride. Stretching helps for a few minutes, but walking is becoming very difficult. I rode 25 miles yesterday and was slow again- for our club. We went 15.9 mph and came in way behind the group. My fitness doesn't seem to be improving. I still hit 164 HR several times (my max is 170) on hills that weren't that bad. Last year I could fly up those hills without using my small chain ring. Apparently, a couple of months sitting on the sofa and knitting while recovering from the concussion had a very negative effect on my fitness level.
              I still have eight weeks until my MS150, so maybe it will come together. We have our big club money making ride the weekend before the MS ride. It is called the Horsey Hundred and it a great ride (many mileage options) if any of you are interested. I will be working registration. One year ago, that was the first group ride we did.



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                Spring Winds

                Jenn, WOW, did you ever in your life think you would be riding a bicycle over 60 miles one day? I tried to look some of your issues up in my copy of “Bicycling Medicine” by Arnie Baker, M.D.. Your meds certainly could be causing your stomach problem but it could also be aggravated by energy gels, energy bars and other stuff like that, or it could just be your body trying to get used to the new life style you’re introducing it to. I’ve had similar problems and found a product called “Heed” by Hammer, tends to be gentler on my system. It’s a powdered carb and electrolyte compound that you mix with your water. I still snack along the way and I use the gels but try to limit those to the last 25 miles or so of my rides.
                On the “loss of energy the next day” thing, 60 miles is a GOOD ride and congratulations on making yourself at least get on the bike the next day. If I’m out more than about 2.5 hours, I try to eat something as soon as possible after I get back. Most cycling pundits recommend consuming at least 250 calories within 20 minutes after you finish your ride to replace some of the intra-muscular glycogen you burned up. It’s supposed to make you fresher for the next day’s ride and I do think it mostly works for me.

                Thanks for looking over my pitch folks. I think I owe you at least a beer (or whatever is your preference). If you would be so inclined as to come down to the MS first day ride finish in Ft. Collins, I’d love to meet you and would be happy to pay up.

                Pell, the “Horsey Hundred” what a neat idea, a bike ride in Kentucky sounds fantastic but probably not this year. I definitely suffered about a 10-day setback with my shoulder but it keeps improving. I do think getting the blood circulating by riding helps but in the end, working through the injuries is a problem. I’ve been riding so much lately that I’ve got actual honest to god saddle sores, going to have to start trying some different things there. How’s max HR of 182 sound for an old guy? I have a lot more endurance if I can stay under about 168 but seems like there’s always that 8% grade somewhere in the middle of those hills that even my cheater granny gear doesn't completely overcome.

                Tanya, the importance of staying healthy must be evident in all of this, you’re so close now. I’m never sure just how far my training schedules will get me but I’ve always been impressed at how well they have worked.

                My old buddy the wind is in a particularly foul mood today or I’d be outside riding instead of sitting at the computer but 45 mph gusts are just a bit more than I care to play in.

                Good luck everybody
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                  AMF, I haven''t posted my training schedule on here yet, since it mostly invovles chaasing after an active two year old. But I did want to offer some "remedies" for your saddle sores, my boyfriend, a non MSer, is training for the 150 and gets them. He wears the biker's underwear with the padding in the butt, and when he still gets the sores he uses Desitin creme for diaper rash and also anti fungal creme, he says it works, I just take take his word for it . Hope that helps!


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                    AMF- I am sure you know all the saddle remedies like chamois butter,etc. I imagine you also change position on the saddle and stand up frequently just to relieve the pressure. If you are doing all of that, your saddle may be the problem.
                    Today's ride felt a little better. We did 27 miles at 16.2 and I didn't feel like I was just hanging on. I am not completely whipped and my leg is a bit better. I am seeing a ray of hope that this injury may heal. I also discovered a group of riders who don't want to ride as fast as the club rides. I am going to ride with them on Sunday to see if we are better matched. I need to start increasing my miles if I am going to get to 75 in 7 weeks.
                    I am so glad that, for the most part, we don't have the hills that you are dealing with in Colorado. I tried to ride Mt Lemmon in Tucson and that wasn't pretty.


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                      NEVER, in my life, would I ever think I could do 60 miles on a bike. So I'm happy with the effort but dissappointed at my limitations. I'm feeling so much better now that I think this weekends ride are doable.

                      Thanks for the info on the gels and stuff. I do, actually, like the vanilla gu. It's a lot like cake batter and hey, who am I to turn down a blob of cake batter? I'll take it easy though. I've also heard that brown rice syrup (?) can be hard on the tummy so I've avoided those. My brother suggested cold cold fruit - watermelon and honey dew, so I'll try some of that too.

                      The wealth of knowledge on here is amazing and the encouragement can't be beat. NO ONE, that I ride with, knows what I'm challenged with so it's so nice to be able to vent or be excited about something on here because you guys know. You get it.

                      Pell - 27 miles at 16.2 - I can't wait for the day when I can say that. You sound like your doing really well and I hope that Sunday goes really well for you. New group, new friends, new opportunities.

                      Have a great day



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                        HA! It's not just us

                        Hey Gang, I just got this in an e-mail from my non ms'er, ex jock, ride circles around me cycling buddy. He's talking about an hour and a half of intervals he did on Monday.

                        "I read that going out and pushing it super hard like I did Monday is a great way to make gains, but the price the next day is too hard if I have to work and not able to take a nap."
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                          Whew, if the object at the end of the third week of these 4-week training periods is to turn you into jelly, I’ve succeeded. I’m toast, dead meat, got the physical integrity of a wet rag right now. I got 5 days for 13.5 hrs. in for the week, 3.25 easy, 3.25 moderate and 7 super high intensity hours. The coming week is a rest week, I only need 4.5 hours and 2.5 of those are next Saturday. MS permitting and assuming sports physiology theory works, I should emerge stronger and fitter. It’s hard to imagine at the moment but we’ll see. And there are a couple of consoling thoughts. My cycling buddy is also complaining vociferously AND he’s not riding quite as many circles around me as before. ;-)

                          Ahh Krista, you who have by far the most demanding schedule of all, thank you and your BF. DW was just heading to the store as I read your post, so I yelled out “get some Desitin”. Of course she turned right back around to see what was up with her MS addled DH’s brain now, but she got the Desitin. I also did everything else, changed saddles, wore two pair of pants, used the chamois butter and started standing up more, even if I had to stop and just stand over the bike for 30 seconds. So far, so good!

                          Pell, Mt. Lemmon, what were you thinking? Having said that, DD of Tour de Tucson fame will be undergoing a little medical procedure next month, so I will be going down to be with her for a couple of weeks, bike in tow of course. If I could do Mt. Lemmon over a period of a week I think I’d be ecstatic, really though, it's only 32 miles (STRAIGHT UP!!!!!). We might have to compare notes.

                          Tanya and Jenn, two weeks! Good luck girls, be extra careful about keeping the rubber side on the pavement. When I lived in the Dallas area it was actually in Flower Mound. You’ll be riding around my old stomping grounds, can't help but wonder how much it's changed?.

                          Later All,
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                            AMF- I am not riding nearly the training program that you are, but I am also toast. We rode the past 2 days, just 30 miles each, but last night we went pretty fast. My husband pulled the entire time so he is really deadmeat today. The Sunday ride had lots of hills so on both I ran a pretty high average heart rate-the high end of my endurance pace. Luckily, no rides today, just pilates and perhaps some weight lifting. I tried to talk myself into some cycling intervals, but I can't seem to stomach it.

                            You said something about a 182 HR- how old are you and what is your max HR? I am 57 and my max is 170. I have been seeing 165 fairly often lately on hills. I don't seem to be able to ride at the recovery rate which my trainer suggested once a week- 120-135. I guess I need to lead some beginner rides for my cycling club.

                            My trainer had a very distorted view of my fitness level. He thought we were going to ride Mt Lemmon two days in a row. I have a compact double 25/12 so I didn't have any granny gears. I did a version of interval training while riding 5.5 miles up before giving up. I would ride at a HR over 160 for as long as I could and then stop and rest. Although Mt Lemmon has an average grade of 7% it is steeper at the bottom.
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                              Cycling tip #201 A clean bike is a fast bike

                              Since Iím taking it easy this week I found time to clean up my bike. Tore down and thoroughly cleaned the entire drive train, chain rings, rear cassette, chain, and both deraileurs, especially the jockey wheels in the rear one. Oiled it up and took it out for a spin, what a difference!!!!! Iím guessing the bike is 10 to 15% easier to pedal, like riding with a tailwind every direction. Apparently a ride in the rain last week made things particularly sticky.

                              Pell Ė I am 59 yrs old and near as I can tell I do have a max HR of about 182, a little high I know but stress tests and ECGís are OK, pulmonary function is a little less so, maybe the reason for the high HR under stress. For training I set my HR alarm to 97 % of max. and start slowing as soon as I hit it (not like thereís a lot of choice there). During the event Iíll set it to 92% and try not to exceed that by much for very long, it really does eat into my endurance and sometimes my overnight recovery. I can maintain a 70 Ė 80% max HR on flattish terrain at a cost of less than 10% in speed and I can keep going for hours and hours and hours. Canít even come close on hills though.

                              Canít imagine how you even tried Mt. Lemmon with that compact double set up, I wish I had legs like that! Iíll let you know how far my granny gear gets me. Hope to give it at least a couple of shots while Iím down there. BTW, took me about 36 hours to recover after last Saturdays ride, was ready to go Mon. morn but am forcing myself to take it easy this week, interested to see any difference in the next training period. I find all of this training philosophy, physiology to be incredibly interesting stuff, there must be some relationship to the retreat of the MS.

                              Safe Riding,


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                                I skipped last night's ride because I was just so fatigued and this morning's ride was cancelled due to rain. I hope I was just tired from riding two days in a row earlier in the week. I am afraid it is the MS fatigue back again.
                                Sunday I hope to ride some intervals and a short ride. This fatigue will go away- I will push it away.